You love essential oils...

but you have questions. You want clarity and honest guidance from someone who is objective and unbiased.

That's where I come in!

I'm Sage Marie, The Aromaphysiologist™, and I help passionate oilers with practical advice for ALL of their essential oil questions (not just the "compliant" questions).

I spent 23 years teaching fitness and wellness before finally hanging up my sneakers and getting back to my childhood fascination - natural remedies. I love the balance of nature and science and coined the term "aromaphysiologie™" because it describes exactly what I do.

Much like an Exercise Physiologist helps her clients find wellness through the careful selection of physical activities, I help my clients create wellness through the careful selection of essential oils.

Through my exclusive monthly membership AromaLessons™, I give passionate oilers super-practical, in-depth guidance so they can have confidence that they're using the essential oils they love safely and effectively.

To learn more about our amazing community of passionate oilers, and the monthly education and advice that I offer, CLICK HERE.

Wellness Blessings,

Sage Marie

The Aromaphysiologist™

Is Your Self-Care "Sacred"?

Or is it pushed to the side to make room for everyone else's needs? More than just diet and exercise, daily rituals of self-love bring you back to balance and fill your empty cup so that you actually have the energy to care for your loved ones and be your best self.